Spring Fling!

On May 8th the SGA hosted the “Spring Fling,” an end of the year event to help students unwind and celebrate the semester coming to a close. From 11 to 1 students gathered in the lounge for free food, games, music, prizes, and pillow fights. Our lounge was decorated luau style.

Nonalcoholic margaritas were served throughout the entire event.

Chris Henley, the Luau's primary organizer, with the NRCC bartenders

Chris Henley, the Luau

The DJ provided music as people wolfed down hamburgers and hot dogs (veggie burgers were also available).

Ben Kramer doing some grilling

Ben Kramer doing some grilling

After eating, students could enter raffles for prizes or head outside to wildly whack each other with pillows, or just sit and relax with a cold drink.

Pillow Fight!!

Pillow Fight!!

The turn out was good (which tends to happen when free food is involved) and students got a great opportunity for some fun and relaxation after a long semester.
It's all over....time to clean up!

It's all over, time to clean up!

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