Facebook Changes

Have you seen Facebook recently? If you Twitter, you might have thought you logged into the wrong site. Facebook has just released another brand new design to its users. The majority of these users absolutely hate the new layout, yet Facebook keeps changing things.

Now the news feed displays everything. Status boxes now ask “What’s on your mind?” This is a rather pointless question that some have started taking too literally, though most have stuck with the status theory. I really don’t need to have my friend’s wall conversations broadcast to me. If I am nosy enough to care what other people are talking about, I will seek it out. Facebook should at the very least leave the layout alone for more than a couple months at a time.

Facebook is changing their ways!  According to the Computer World website, they are reverting back to some of the previous settings.  Check out the whole article at Computerworld.com

About Emily Polan

Emily is 20 and attends New River Community College in the Forensic Science Program.  She was homeschooled from birth on, but started at NRCC when she was 16. She was on the SGA last year as a senator and enjoyed her tenure very much. This semester she is excited to be the Vice President and complete her goals for the student body.
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