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A fourth semeseter student in NRCC, Sean McGrady is more famously referred to as White-E or "That Guy with the Hair." That Guy with the Hair enjoys reading, writing, discussion and celebrating the invention of underwear.

A Letter to Sean McGrady

A letter to Sean McGrady,                 I greatly appreciate your tribute to the exposure of the unorganized and undoubtedly dumb founded SGA. Students need to know the truth and you are the Tom Brokaw of NRCC. Corruption is always a … Continue reading

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Reasons Behind SGA Resignation

According to Senator Tim Herzog, within a closed meeting held February 19th, Joey Sclafani was forced to resign as President of the SGA because of unethical circumstances. Student Justin Wood stated that he talked to Herzog about Sclafani’s resignation. Herzog “felt cheated by Joey’s tactics and was … Continue reading

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Constitutional Disappointment

There is a problem underlying all problems within our SGA, one which acts as Hydra’s body. The problem is simple but potent: our government confuses its projects with mandatory procedure and ordinary acts of kindness, and then receives payment for … Continue reading

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The SGA Update

Here are the SGA’s current projects and their progress. President Melissa Kittinger-Surratt continues to clean around NRCC, throwing discarded trash in the garbage can. She also states that the mentorship program, a group of people who offer general support, lacks … Continue reading

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SGA Executive Offices Shuffled!

Last Thursday, the 19th of February, Joey Sclafani resigned as president of the SGA. When asked why, he never commented. Sclafani will now take the position of senator. Your new executive office contains: President Melissa Kittinger-Surratt Vice President Emily Polan … Continue reading

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Upcoming SGA Projects

The SGA receives up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement. In order to receive a share, an SGA member must complete a project which benefits the students of NRCC. If the project is never completed, the status quo cannot be met … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Worth Playing?

Lord of the Rings: Conquest was made by Pandemic, creators of the Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries and Destroy All Humans! series. When I heard they building a Battlefront-esque “Lord of the Rings” game, I marked my calendar and reserved $60 like … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a text message saying “School is cancelled. Enjoy your pillow.” when snow blankets your lawn? New River Community College has an instant alert system. It warns any registered person about NRCC’s emergencies and delays. How do … Continue reading

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The Comprehensive SGA Report

Below are reports of each SGA member based on individual interviews. Senator Stacy Gibbs Senator Timothy Herzog Treasurer James Kittinger Vice President Melissa Kittinger-Surratt Secretary Emily Polan Senator Sarah Polan President Joey Sclafani Senator Aundrea D. Scott Senator Cameran Sonnenburg … Continue reading

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A Wall-E Review

Plot: Wall-E is a robot trash compactor who builds skyscrapers of garbage on an overly polluted Earth. After relocating trash for 700 years, his life receives much-needed excitement from a survey droid named Eve. Before Wall-E has a moment to … Continue reading

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