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St. Patrick’s Day Best Dressed Contest

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day, Best Dressed Contest was on Tuesday March 16th at the Mall site, and Wednesday March 17th at the Dublin Site, at noon on both days. I think both of the entrants for the Mall site … Continue reading

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Claytor Lake or Project 739?

On Tuesday December 5th, I was greeted by four flying saucer shaped generators. More reminiscent of “Area 51″ Nevada, than the New River Valley in Virginia, the Dam, built back in 1939 is still the largest of the company’s 12 … Continue reading

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Bridge day 2009 – Autumn’s 876ft Free Fall

The 30th annual Bridge Day festival offered plenty of thrills for the thousands of spectators who came out in the cold to watch 450 BASE (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumpers from around the globe jump the 876 feet down to … Continue reading

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Renewed Interest in Classic Transportation

This past weekend, the parking lot below Rooker hall was used by a group of people from four different states as a training arena for an unusual class. NRCC offers a 3 day Motorcycle Sidecar/Trike Safety Class that is only offered … Continue reading

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Wind Powered Sign a Sign Of The Future

Most of the students at NRCC have driven past the windmill in front on the Volvo Plant and some may often wonder why it is there! Well, members of the Alternative and Hybrid Energy class ELE 176, had a chance … Continue reading

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