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Alex is in his first year at NRCC. He recently moved to the area from Florida where he studied music at Florida Atlantic University from 2004 to 2006. Also, Alex has been working as a professional musician in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas for nearly eight years. He has taught band and jazz music in the Florida school system, as well as teaching woodwinds (Sax, Clarinet, and Flute) privately for many years.

Spring Fling!

On May 8th the SGA hosted the “Spring Fling,” an end of the year event to help students unwind and celebrate the semester coming to a close. From 11 to 1 students gathered in the lounge for free food, games, … Continue reading

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Final Spring Semester Report: SGA

Over the past two weeks I have met privately with several members of the SGA.  In the following interviews we discuss member’s thoughts on the school and the SGA, as well as what their duties are and the projects they … Continue reading

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Update: SGA

As the end of this semester draws near the SGA has much to attend to. At the April 23 meeting of its members the SGA looked to put all its semester closing business into action. The first item of discussion … Continue reading

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SGA Spotlight: James Kittinger

Treasurer James Kittinger is a Dublin resident, born and raised here in Southwest Virginia. Majoring in education, he will graduate with honors this semester and will attend Radford University in the fall. Here at NRCC James takes his duties seriously, … Continue reading

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The SGA Report

     The April 2nd meeting of the SGA signaled the opening of a new dialogue between its members and the staff of the Knight Rider. Historically tensions have always existed between institutions of government and those of the press. … Continue reading

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The True Golden Age of Gaming

For many of us the Super Nintendo represents the true golden age of video games. With nostalgia I think back to those early mornings before school, waking up before anyone else did so I would have a chance to play … Continue reading

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Age and Enrollment at NRCC

As the world shudders under the weight of economic crisis, every aspect of American society is feeling the downturn. College campuses are no exception. Let’s take a moment now to break the zombie-like trance we float in from class to … Continue reading

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The 2009 Grammys

For me, the Grammys have always been a great concert performance opportunity rather than an awards show. Of course, the big winners are usually scheduled to perform anyway, in an act of prescient pre-Grammy fortitude. This year’s show had some … Continue reading

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From Strangeness to Sameness: Music of 2008

2008 has been an exceptional year in music. The listening world witnessed many births and resurrections, with artist’s new and old scoring hit after hit on the charts. Some were good, some great, and some were god awful. I mean … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Good Times in Edwards 117

     The tradition of bluegrass music dates back to the earliest days of American discovery. Early settlers (particularly the Scotch-Irish who immigrated to Appalachia) wrote songs about day to day experiences in this new rural land, songs reflecting life in … Continue reading

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