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Game Maker Software

Game Maker web site
  • Click the image to visit the home page of the Game Maker web site. The web site also includes more resources, tutorials, support and more.
  • Here are some direct links within the web site.
    • Download free Lite verson of Game Maker. Get the software from Blackboard under Course Files.
    • GameMaker 8.1 has a new link to download at
    • You can use the free version for all the assignments in this course.
    • Download Official Resource Packs - includes more sprites, backgrounds, tilesets, sounds, music and more
    • GameMaker 8.1 Documentation click Help
    • GameMaker Studio Documentation at
    • Game Maker Wiki lists books, resources, documentation and even the history of Game Maker.
    • ICT Mindtools - More Game Maker Tutorials

Other Useful Software

  1. Character Generator - Create a small character spite using Open Source Character Generator online tool

Required Books for this Course

Click any textbook image to visit the Amazon web site for the book.

Gamemaker's Apprentice Book
Book required for this course. We will be using the Game Maker game engine software.

Click image to visit Amazon.
Book also available at

Video Game Design Foundations

See Syllabus on Assignments page for details.

Game Designer Career

bullet How to Become a Game Designer: Going from Fan to Creator (from LearnU)

VT Demonstration

Zip fileData files for Evil Clutches Game

VT Demonstration

iMath Resources

PDF fileOverivew of new VCCS math courses (3 pages)
PDF fileVCCS Math Curriculum Guide (52 pages)

Game Organizations

Radford University
Mid-Atlantic Working Connections Conference 2011

PDF fileWorkshop Agenda

PDF fileTextbook and CD Information handout

PPT file Game Develoment Life Cycle

PPT file Game Creation Steps


More Books - Not Required But Interesting

Click any textbook image to visit the Amazon web site for the book.

Game Development Essentials 3
3rd Edition (available July 2011)
Game Development Essentials
Game Maker's Companion Book
Not required. This book recommended for students that would like to continue with Game Maker after this course.
Game Maker Intro
Introduction to Game Maker book. Same basic content as Game Maker's Apprentice book.



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