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1/22/2013 - Welcome to Class

This is the place to start for this class. You will have fun learning how to program using the C++.NET programming language and using the App Game Kit Game Engine. Read the syllabus, buy your textbook, and other stuff, and get ready to go.

  • Start at the Course Info page and read the syllabus and FAQ.
  • Next purchase your textbook for this class.
  • See the syllabus for textbook and software details.
  • Pre-requisites for this class are CSC 110, CSC 200 and ITE 105. If you do not have these pre-requisites you will need to have instructor permission to take this class.

This C++ programming class is designed to help you to learn programming techniques, the C++.NET programming language and additional concepts beyond a "traditional" programming class. Topics include the C++ graphics system, additional programming libraries, and incorporating math and physics all while programming games.

Don't let creating games fool use into to thinking this is a really easy course. It will be a fun and challenging course, and you will be learning programming techniques for business applications and games.

This class will help you use your right brain creativity as well as your left brain logic skills.

This class (or ITP 112 Visual Basic) is a pre-requisite for the following classes:

See you in class on Tuesday,
Mrs. Eaton

Snow Day Information for This Class

Here are the general rules for snow days.

Program Submission Guidelines

Always be prepared to submit your printed Word document as well and your programming files at the beginning of class.  Print your code before class. Create a single folder each week to put all your programming assignments. Bring your unzipped programs to class on your flash drive so that you can test and demonstrate your programs during class.