ITD 210 -- Mrs. Eaton -- Spring 2013


This is the place for information about the Adobe Associate certifcation and Adobe software.

Adobe ACAAdobe Study Packets

Visit Certiport's Adobe Products page for the latest information on certifications and study packets.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Exam Study Packets

PDF fileExam Objectives for all the Adobe Certified Associate exams for Adobe CS5 (from ITD 112 web site)

Adobe's ACA Study Packet page from Certiport web site

PDF fileDreamweaver CS5 Entire Study Packet in Portfolio format (you will need to extract the files yourself)

Pages extracted from Study Packet above for you by Mrs. Eaton

PDF fileIntroduction to Study Packet
PDF file Dreamweaver CS5 Exam Objectives
PDF fileDreamweaver CS5 Practice Test (multiple choice)

Practice Materials

  1. PDF fileHow to layout a web page with CSS (Activity #2.6)
  2. PDF fileHow to create Cascading Style Sheets (Activity #3.6)
  3. PDF fileHow to work with external Cascading Style Sheets (Activity #3.6)
  4. PDF fileHow to use Templates (Activity #3.7)
  5. PDF fileHow to add Flash movies and Flash video to a website (Activty #3.7)
  6. PDF fileHow to create Forms (Activity #3.7)
  7. PDF fileHow to make websites Accessible (Activity #7.1)
  8. PDF fileHow to Check Links (Activity #2.11)
  9. PDF fileHow to Publish web files (Activity #2.13)