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1/26/2015 - Welcome to Class

This is the place to start for this class. You will have fun learning how to design and develop mobile apps for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices using the HTM5, CSS3, Dreamweaver CS6, Phonegap and the iPhone SDK and Xcode IDE. Read the syllabus, get your textbooks, and other stuff, and get ready to go.

This course is designed to be taken during the last semester of your coursework as it is a higher level design and development class.

Don't let creating mobile apps fool use into to thinking this is a really easy course. It will be a fun and challenging course, and you will be learning design and development techniques for mobile apps.

This class will help you use your right brain creativity as well as your left brain logic skills.

See you in class,
Mrs. Eaton

Last Updated: February 25, 2015