ITD 110 Web Page Design I

Course Information

Start Here - Spring 2019

  • This is the place to start for this course. Students are not expected to have previous web page creation nor design experience.
  • Purchase the required materials listed on the course plan / syllabus.
  • Now click the Course FAQ button to answer most of your questions.
  • Finally select the Assignments button and start with the first assignment.

How to Navigate this Site

  • Select Home in the navigation bar to return back to the home page.
  • The Assignments pages lists the due dates and details of each assignment. Most assignments will be submitted via email or posted to the web.
  • Select the Classmates page to find email addresses for your classmates, and to learn more about your team members. You will need a password to access this page.
  • Start with Course Info to find general information about the class such as the course plan (syllabus), and materials required. If you are in the Distance Edition section you will find more information that pertains to you in this area.
  • Read the Course FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to answer most of your questions about this course.

Are you in the right course?

  • Read the Course Plan (syllabus) especially the pre-requisite section to ensure that you have the needed coursework and skills before attempting this course.

E-mail, Internet Access and Labs

  • Distance Education students are required to have Internet access. Check at least 3 times a week on the web site and Blackboard to successfully complete this course.
  • All students will need a NRCC Email Account to do some of the assignments.
  • All students will also need access to the Internet to complete most of the assignments.
  • Labs are available on the NRCC campus for your use. You can use most labs on campus for e-mail and Internet access.

Required Software

  • Software is required for this class. See the Course Plan (syllabus) under Instructional Materials for more information, and the Software FAQ information on the Assignments page.
  • DO NOT use a word processing product such as Word to create web pages for this course. You will become very frustrated very quickly in this class.

Distance Education Information

  • All assignments for this class will be posted on this web site not on Blackboard.
  • Your grades will be posted in Blackboard. Grade details will shown in comments for each assignment in Blackboard.

Last Update: January 14, 2019

Start here.

How to Navigate this site.

Are you the right course?

Email, Internet and Labs

Required Software

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