ITD 110 Web Page Design I


Instructions - Fall 2017

  • You will complete most of your assignments, projects and quizzes using the Code Avengers web site this semester.
  • Read the FAQ.
  • If you need to be out of town, then work ahead. All the assignments for this semester are already posted.
  • You will FTP assignments to a web server during the last half of the semester.
  • DE Students:
    • See the NRCC proctored testing information at the beginning of the semester if you cannot take the 3 exams at the Dublin or Mall locations.
  • Classroom Students: (Spring semester only)
    • Assignments are due at the beginning of class time.


All Students:

  • Email questions to Mrs. Eaton at
  • Important: Use Subject: ITD 110 Question - Your Name to help me respond to your emails faster. I do not respond to emails that do not have a subject.

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Week #
Due DE Noon Assignment to Submit More Helpful Info

Week 1
Aug 28

H Aug 31




You will submit some items in Blackboard this week to start.

Word #1 Getting to know you quiz (20 points) Submit in Blackboard

Due 9/7/17
#2 Code Avengers Proof of Purchase
Submit your a snap pic or scan of Code Avengers Proof of Purchase and/or receipt in Blackboard. (20 points)

Due 9/7/17
#3 CIW Proof of Purchase
(20 points)
Submit your a snap pic or scan of CIW Proof of Purchase and/or receipt in Blackboard.

bullet1 #4 Get Started with Code Avengers (20 points) Nothing to submit in Blackboard. I will score from the Code Avengers System.

OPTIONAL Degree Track Sheet
If you want my help with planning your classes, then complete this. If you don't then don't. (20 points)
Important: If you are in another class with me this semester, then submit a document that states the class where you already completed the track sheet. You don't need to do the track sheet twice this week.

Note: If you are not an IT major, then check with your advisor or instructor for the location of track sheets for your degree program.

Video Instructions

Meet your instructor, Mrs. Eaton


  • Buy your materials this week.
  • Read Course Info (click button in navigation bar)
  • Read FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (click button in navigation bar)

Note 8/31/17:
I am extending the deadline for #2 and #3 until noon Thursday Sept 7.  It is not your fault that the bookstore had trouble with processing.


Sept 4
  Labor Day Holiday
NRCC Closed

Week 2
Sept 4


H Sept 7

Code Avengers– HTML/CSS 1 (100 points)
-- Lesson 1 Paragraph and Break tags
-- Lesson 2 Title, Heading & Strong Tags
-- Lesson 3 Fixing Common HTML Mistakes
-- Lesson 4 Image Tag

Video Instructions

YouTube Code Avengers: How to check your progress for all courses


bullet1 Basic HTML page - Hello World

  • Right click to download and save in your itd110 folder.
  • View the file using Notepad to see the tags.
  • These are the tags required for complete web pages. It should help you understand the order of tags.
Week 3
Sept 11

H Sept 14




H Sept 21

Code Avengers– HTML/CSS 1 (100 points)
-- Lesson 5 Linking Pages using the Anchor Tag
-- Lesson 6 More Common Mistakes
-- Lesson 7 Review Lessons 1-6
-- Lesson 8 Formatted Lists and Paragraph

bullet1 #3B Teams (25 points)
9/13/17 Posted team numbers. Sorry for the delay. Team due date postponed to Sept 21 next week.

Web Graphics Styling Basics

bullet1 Irene Pond Gazebo Image
Classroom students. Right click to download and save in your itd110folder.)

Week 4
Sept 18
H Sept 21 Code Avengers– HTML/CSS 1 (100 points)
-- Lesson 9 Google Style Guild for HTML
-- Lesson 10 Header, Footer & Section Tags
-- Lesson 11 Introduction to CSS
-- Lesson 12 Common CSS Mistakes


Week 5
Sept 25
H Sept 28

Code Avengers– HTML/CSS 1 (100 points)
-- Lesson 13 Using Pretty Fonts
-- Lesson 14 Add Style to Anchor Tags
-- Lesson 15 CSS Google Style Guide
-- Lesson 16 Image Borders

bullet1 #9A About Me Page for ePortfolio (25 points)
9/27/17 Do not FTP this page. Instead submit in Blackboard. You will not have links yet or need to match other pages.

10/5/17 Assignment with updated detail and score sheet.

About Me Page Assignment starts your ePortfolio

Thanks to Erin Clingenpeel, Cody Cadwell and Trey Tate for letting me know about FTP instructions.

Week 6
Oct 2
H Oct 5

Code Avengers– HTML/CSS 1
-- Lesson 17 Spacing with Margins
-- Lesson 18 Shadow Effects
-- Lesson 19 Background Images
-- Lesson 20 Style Header, Footer & Section

bullet1 #10C Simplified LinkedIn Profile

Linked In Page continues your ePortfolio

W Oct 11-
F Oct 13, 2017

Fall Break

Relax and enjoy your break this week, or work ahead.

Week 7
Oct 16
H Oct 19
YouTube FTP using Dreamweaver CC


Dreamweaver Course Notes

bullet1 #12A ePortfolio Home Page
(Points shown in next assignment)
(Page updated 2:31pm 10/16/17)

bullet1 #12B FTP and Dreamweaver (50 points) Assignment will be graded from the web server. You will FTP your ePortfoilo files to the web server for this assignment.


Web Publishing Basics

10/17/17: Web server IDs and passwords have been created. Check the Classmates page for your id and email for your password.

AdobeInstall Dreamweaver AFTER
Thanksgiving 2017. The free trial is only 7 days. You don't want your trial to expire before your last assignment is due. Click image to visit Software page on IT web site. Scroll down to Adobe section.

Hall of Fame

Week 8
Oct 23

H Oct 26

Code Avengers - HTML/CSS 2 Build an Interactive Travel Guide (100 points)
-- Lesson 1 Intro to Level 2 HTML5/CSS3
-- Lesson 2 External CSS Stylesheet
-- Lesson 3 Audio and Video
-- Lesson 4 Comments in HTML & CSS Code




Week 9
Oct 30
H Nov 2

Code Avengers - HTML/CSS 2 (100 points)
-- Lesson 5 Spacing with Padding and Margin
-- Lesson 6 Three Types of HTML Elements
-- Lesson 7 Make an Anchor Look like a Button
-- Lesson 8 Use RGB Color Values


ePortfolio Assignment #C Rollovers, External Style sheet and Projects page

Hall of Fame Section M1 - Spr 17

  • Virginia Ingram
  • Lauren Woodcock


pdfBasics of Web Design book 4 pages

  • See CSS3 Rounded Corners pages 184-185 of Basics of Web Design book for rounded corners.
  • See Center Page Content with CSS pages 186-187 of Web Design book to center content and use wrappers.

Week 10
Nov 6

H Nov 9








Flash Banner Postponed

T Nov 14

Code Avengers - HTML/CSS 2 (100 points)
Lesson 9 Use New CSS3 Properties with Browsers
-- Lesson 10 Use Gradient Color Fills
-- Lesson 11 Use Validation to Check the HTML Code
-- Lesson 12 Use the Figure Tag

Registration Assignment (20 points) Track Sheet and UnOfficial Transcript - showing registration for next semester.
- Next semester registration starts 11/7/17.
- DE Students submit in Blackboard. Classroom students submit hard copy.

bullet1 #11B Simplified Flash Banner (linked to correct file now)


  • Adobe has replaced Flash with Animate.
  • Adobe software is available in the Dublin library, Mall 109 and Mall hallway computers.

ePorfolio Project
See good example of projects page by Seth Clements (Fall 2012)

Flash Banner
See examples by: Shannon Cressell
and Barbara Dalton


Track sheets are available at Instructions to print unofficial transcripts are at the top of the Degrees page.

Week 11
Nov 13
H Nov 16

Code Avengers - HTML/CSS 2 (100 points)
-- Lesson 13 Add Meta Tags
-- Lesson 14 Create a Table
-- Lesson 15 Style a Table
-- Lesson 16 Learn about Class Selectors

Word Doc Assignment- Bright Careers in Computers (25 points) - Does this agree with your spring registration?


Nov 20-24, 2017  

Thanksgiving Break
NRCC Closed noon Wed - Friday

Week 12
Nov 27

H Nov 30



Code Avengers - HTML/CSS 2
-- Lesson 17 Learn about Descendant Selectors
-- Lesson 18 Create a Header and a Footer
-- Lesson 19 Create a Navigation Bar
-- Lesson 20 Style your Pages for Printing

bullet1 #11C ePortfolio Travel Guide Project (100 exam points)

ePortfolio Project is an important component of this class.



This travel guide counts as exam points. So spend time completing it.

Week 13
Dec 4
H Dec 7 - Code Avengers Digital Systems I (100 points)
-- Lesson 1 World Wide Web
-- Lesson 2 How does the Internet work?
-- Lesson 3 How we transport data across the Internet
-- Lesson 4 Break Down of URLs
-- Lesson 5 Parts of a Web Page
-- Lesson 6 Principles of Design
-- Lesson 7 Building a Website
-- Lesson 8 Tools for Building a Website
-- Lesson 9 Services for Building a Website
-- Lesson 10 Resources for Building a Website

CIW Site Development Prep

YouTube CIW Associate - Web Foundations Series from CIW certified
CIW Learn more about CIW

bullet Overview - CIW Site Development Associate

bullet Course Description - CIW Site Development Associate

bullet Exam Objectives- CIW Site Development Associate

Week 14
Dec 11
Date TBD
Mall 109

CIW Site Deveopment Exam

Final Exam: CIW Site Development Associate Certification exam

Step 1: Day Before Exam

CIW Exam Start the CIW Site Development Exam process
Create an id and password. Use your NRCC email as your id. Save your id and password by creating a new contact on your cell phone.

Follow the instructions so that I can assign your CIW exam to you.

If you get a messge that your email already exists, then you need to click the link below and do the forgot your password thing.

Step 2: Regulations Agreement

CIW Exam CIW Site Development Exam login page.

Click the Agree button for the regulations page.

Step 3: Voucher

Mrs. Eaton has to assign a voucher to you before you can take the exam.

Step 4: Exam Group

Mrs. Eaton has to assign you to an Exam Group before you can take the exam.

Step 5: Take the Exam

Refresh your ctconline page to see your exam. Take the exam.


Exam Week Starts
Dec 18

Make up CIW exam if needed

You must purchase another CIW Proof of Purchase (POP) from the bookstore.

Bring the CIW POP to the exam time to retake the CIW exam.

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