ITD 110 Web Page Design I

Assignment #6
Tables Practice - 25 points


  • Create a table on a web page.
  • Apply attributes to format tables, table rows and table cells.
  • Format an entire web page within a table.
  • Use nested tables.
  • Use CSS to configure a table.


Complete the following exercises from Chapter 8 Tables:

  • (10 pts) Case Study JavaJam Coffee House page 330-331. Modify the style sheet and add a table to the menu page. Start with the files in the JavaJam Solution Chapter 6 folder (available from the S drive in the classroom and the assignments page).
  • (15 pts) Web Project Hands-On Practice Case at bottom of page 335. Do number #1 - #3 for your personal home page. Name your home page index.html and your css file project.css. Save both in a a folder called project.
  • Use Dreamweaver and/or notepad to complete this assignment.

To Submit

  • Classroom Students:
    • JavaJam: Submit a printout of the menu.html page as viewed from a browser, and the updated .css file.
    • Project: Submit a printout of your index.html (thru browser) and project.css file.
  • DE students: Email the files to your instructor with the email subject ITD 110 - #6 Assignment - Your Name.


Last Update: October 28, 2008

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