ITD 110 Web Page Design I

Assignment #4A
Add Graphics to JavaJam Site

Objectives - 25 points

  • Practice the skills learned in Chapter 4.
  • Include visual elements and graphics on a web page.
  • Optimize an image to minimize the download time.
  • Follow accessibility guidelines for graphics.
  • Add images to the JavaJam Coffee House Hands-On Practice case study.
  • The pages should look like the examples below (index.html, menu.html and music.html).

Update (06/15/11) PDF fileUpdates to Book pages 158-159.
There are several typos in the book on pages 158-159. View the corrections in the PDF file above before you attempt this assignment. Thanks to Mr. John Wall and Adam Ward for bringing typos to my attention.

JavaJam Home Page

JavaJam Menu

JavaJam Music


  • You will need your textbook (5th edition), Notepad, and a browser to complete this assignment.
  • You will need images from the data files for the textbook. You should have downloaded the data files from the Assignments page the first week of class.
  • You should have already completed 4.3 and 4.4 hands-on practice exercises in Chapter 4 before attempting this assignment.


Set up your Folders

  1. Create a new chapter4 folder under your itd110/hopractice folder. Store your hands-on practice exercises from this chapter in this folder.
  2. Create a new folder javajam4 under your itd110 folder. Store your files for this assignment in this folder.

Copy Files for JavaJam

  1. Copy your files from your javajam3 folder to your javajam4 folder to start this assignment.
  2. Store your JavaJam Coffee House files in the javajam4 folder for this assignment.

Web Site Case Study

  1. Complete the Web Site Case Study for JavaJam Coffee House for Chapter 4.
  2. Instructions are on pages 155-159 of the textbook.
  3. You will modify the index.html and menu.html web pages and create the music.html page.
  4. You will update the style rules in the javajam.css file.
  5. Store your JavaJam Coffee House files in the javajam4 folder for this assignment.
  6. Note 1: In addition to book instructions, include your full name as well as your email address at the bottom of each page in the copyright notice email link.
    For example: Carlotta Eaton
  7. Note 2: In addition to book instructions, include your full name at the end of the title bar of each page. Use the title tag.

To Submit

  • Classroom students: Submit the following at the beginning of class on or before the due date.

    Write your name on each page. Staple together in the following order.
    1. (5 pts each) Print the 3 web pages from a browser (index.html, menu.html and music.html).
    2. (10 pts) Print the music.html code from Notepad.
    3. Submit the printout of the CSS style sheet. This will be used by all the pages.

  • DE students: Email the 3 html files (index.html, menu.html, and music.html) and the style sheet (javajam.css0 to your instructor with the email subject ITD 110 - #4A JavaJam - Your Name. You do not need to email the image files as they are the same for everyone.

Last Update: June 15, 2011

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