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Degree Plan Instructions

  • Create your initial IT degree track plan.

How to Print Your Unofficial Transcript

  1. Open Internet Explorer (Yea, I know it is not your favorite browser, but use it any way.)
  2. Logon to SIS.
  3. View your Unofficial Transcript (You can figure out how to do this)
  4. From the IE menu select Edit... Select All.
  5. From the IE menu select File... Print Preview.
  6. From the Print Preview screen, select these options
    • As selected on the screen
    • 100% for size
  7. Click the Print button at the top left corner to print.
  8. If you are a DE student then you need to print to a PDF file. This is easy.
    • When you click the print button, simply select Adobe PDF under Select Printer.
    • Click the Print button.
    • "Save PDF File as" dialog box will appear.
    • Save your file as transcript-lastname.pdf
    • Click the Save button to save your PDF file.

How to Print a Track Sheet

  1. Go to, click on Degrees and print the track sheet for your selected IT degree program.

How to Complete Your Track Sheet

  1. Complete the top of the sheet by hand inlcuding your name, student id number, date, cell phone email etc.
    • Look up your faculty advisor using SIS.
    • Answer the question about planning to transfer.
  2. Now use your unofficial transcript, in the Actual Column,
    • Write down the classes you are current taking or have already taken.
    • For example, write S16 for Spring 2016, F15 for Fall 2015, and Su15 for Summer 2015 etc.
    • If you have a U, W (withdrawn), or F grade do not write down the class. You don't have credit for it yet.
  3. This is the most important part.
    1. Create a plan for graduation. Complete the Planned column for each class that you have not yet taken.
    2. Write S and the year for future spring classes.
    3. Write F and the year for future fall classes.
    4. Write Su and the year for future summer classes.
    5. Pay careful attention to the semester the CSC and ITx classes are offered.
    6. Except for ITD 110, and CSC 201, all the 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester classes are only offered once a year. If you miss it, you will have to wait an entire year.
    7. You need a plan so that you will be able to graduate.
    8. Our goal is for you to finish NRCC at fast and cheaply as possible. You need a plan to make this happen.


To Submit Hard Copy

  • (10 points) Staple the completed track sheet on top.
  • (10 points) Submit your printed unofficial transcript.

To Submit Soft Copy

  • Submit the Completed track sheet in Word or PDF format.
  • Submit the PDF version of your unofficial transcript using the above instructions.


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