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  • Click any company name to go directly to the info on how to purchase the software.

Courses and Software

Publisher Software Take this course
Apple Dreamweaver and PhoneGap ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile Applications
Adobe Dreamweaver ITD 110 Web Page Design I and
ITD 210 Web Page Design II and
ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile Apps
Flash ITD 212 Interactive Web Design
Photoshop ITD 112 Designing Web Page Graphics
Alice Alice V2 CSC 110 Introduction to Computing
Bare Bones TextWrangler - Mac version of Notepad++ ITD 110 Web Page Design I
YoYo Games
GameMaker 8 for Windows
GameMaker 7 for Mac
GameMaker Studio
ITP 160 Introduction to Game Design & Development
Lego Mindstorms EV3 CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science
Microsoft Access ITD 130 Database Fundamentals
Office including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access CSC 110 Introduction to Computing or
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts
Project ITP 251 Systems Analys and Design
Visual Basic .NET
(software included in textbook)
ITP 112 Visual Basic .NET I
Visual C++ .NET
(software included in textbook)
ITP 134 Visual C++ Programming I
Windows Operating systems ITN 106 Microcomputer Operating Systems
Windows Server ITN 115 Windows 2003 Server
Notepad++ Notepad ++ ITD 110 Web Page Design I
Open Source BlueJ Interactive Development Environment (for Java) ITP 120 Java Programming I
ITP 200 Data Structures and Algorithms
ITP 220 Java Programming II
CSC 201 Computer Science I
CSC 202 Computer Science II
Open Source PHP server programming language
ITP 240 Server Side Programming
ITD 130 Database Fundamentals
Sun Java

CSC 201 Computer Science I
CSC 202 Computer Science II

Where Can I Buy Software?

bullet1 Check these Online stores where you can purchase software at student and academic prices.

  • Check local stores such as Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot and Walmart. Take your student ID and make sure you get student or academic version and prices.
  • Sometimes you can purchase software at the RU or VT bookstores with your NRCC student ID. Many times the software is only available to students taking a particular class at the universities.
  • If you are a financial aid student, then try the bookstore for a limited supply.


Software Download Sites

Adobe Creative Cloud Special Offer for Students

Adobe CloudClick the image for the offer!

$19.99 /month. Great deal includes all Adobe software for 12 months. Download any of the professional level versions of any products in the Adobe Creative Suite. Regular price is $29.99/month.

LinkAdobe Download Center web site
30 day trial versions and academic prices available

bullet1 Online stores where you can purchase Adobe Student edition products

Important: Student & Teacher Editions do NOT allow you to sell your creations. The Education Edition is higher priced, and you are allowed to sell your creations.

adobe logoAdobe Student & Teacher Editions

Adobe Cloud CS6$360.00 Adobe Creative Cloud Membership Student and Teacher Edition $29.99 / month with 12 month subscription.


alice logo


bullet1Alice 2.2 3D Programming Environment


Apple iOS

Quick Reference Guides for Mac

Mac Snow Leopard Guide PDF doc
Mac Lion Guide PDF doc
iPad 2 Guide PDF doc
iPod 4 GuidePDF doc
iPhone 4 Guide PDF doc

Apple iOS Development

We plan to use several tools to design and develop apps for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Here is a partial listing:

Apple Tool Set
bullet1 Join Apple iOS Developer Program
bullet1 Apple's iOS Developer Center

Corona Tool Set
bullet1 Corona by Ansca Mobile
bullet1 SpriteLog - Flash Sprite exporter
bullet1 Kwik - transfer Photoshop comps into Apps
bullet1 Physics Editor
bullet1 Lime - create tile sets

Adobe Tool Set
Adobe Dreamweaver (see under Adobe above)
bullet1 PhoneGap - Works with Dreamweaver and HTML5
Adobe Flash (see under Adobe above)
bullet1 Flixel - Library for Flash ActionScript

blu J head


Link BlueJ Interactive Development Environment (for Java)
Open Source product supported by Sun


gamemaker logo

Game Maker

Link Gamemaker (free download)

Gamemaker 8.1 for Windows
Gamemaker 7 for Mac

GameMaker Studio available to create mobile apps.

lego logo

Lego Robotics

bullet1 Purchase Lego Mindstorms from the Lego Education store.

Office 2010


Link Microsoft Download Center web site

Link MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center for NRCC programming and network classes. Contact your CSC or IT instructor for more information.

Microsoft Office 365 available free for NRCC students. Contact your Office instructor for more info.




Link MySQL home page
Open Source product supported by Sun

Notepad ++

This product is only available for Windows. Use Text Wrangler for Mac.

Link Notepad++ Home Page
Link Notepad++ download page

php logo


Link Server Programming home page

sun logo

Sun Microsystems

Link Java home page

TextWrangler logo

Text Wrangler by Bare Bones

This product is available for Mac. Use Notepad ++ for Windows.

Link Bare Bones home page
Link Text Wrangler Tour Overview & Download



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