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NRCC has the first Game Degree Specializations in Virginia!

Coming to a Theater Near You

NRCC is opening a new site at the New River Valley Mall in the former theater location. We begin classes in August 2007 and all classes required for the new game degree specializations will be offered at the Mall location.

Did you Know?

The game industry revenue exceeds $30 billion per year worldwide and has surpassed movie box office revenues in the U.S., making games the fastest growing segment of the entertainment market and an excellent field for career advancement.


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New NRCC Degree Programs

In Fall 2006, NRCC became the first college in the state of Virginia to offer classes and degree programs in game design and animation. The two game technology degree programs are multi-disciplinary and include classes in computer design, computer programming as well as art.

The IT AAS Degree Game Design specialization gives students an introduction to the game industry as well as a foundation in Information Technology skills. See the IT Degrees page for more information.

The CAD AAS Degree Game Technology & Animation specialization gives students an introduction to the game industry as well as a foundation in computer aided design and drafting skills. Visit the NRCC CADD site for more information.


Donkey Kong
Student Patrick Beamish testing a game program. Come and join us!

Game Companies in Raleigh, NC

Mrs. Eaton worked at IBM for 10 years in Raleigh, NC before joining the faculty at NRCC. She brings knowledge of the "real world" skills to the classroom and the new game degree programs. She has been working with the IGDA North Carolina Triangle organization since March 2006 to ensure the skills taught at NRCC match the game industry needs.

There are at least 26 game development companies in the Research Triangle area in North Carolina, located only four hours from the New River Valley. Companies include Epic Games, Virtual Heroes, and Octagon Entertainment to mention a few. These companies are active in the International Game Developers Association. Visit the web site for more details.


Come Join Us

It's not just fun and games. We don't just play games, we learn to create them. Come and join us.

IGDA Triangle
Mrs. Eaton regularly attends IGDA meetings. She has been working with IGDA Coordinator, Dana Crowley since March 2006. L to R: Dana Crowley from IGDA, Carlotta Eaton from NRCC, Valerie Bird from WCC.




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