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CSC Computer Science

CSC 110 Introduction to Computing
(3 credits)

(Offered Fall, Spring, Summer)
(Offered at Dublin campus and Mall site)

Introduces problem solving through computer applications and a programming language. Examines development of computers, social and ethical implications of computers, and properties of programming languages. Covers input, storage, data manipulation, software and hardware. Prerequisite High School Keyboarding. Lecture 3 hours per week.

Note: This course utilizes Microsoft Office products including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access and Alice.

CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science
(4 credits)

(Offered Fall, Spring at Dublin campus and Mall site)

Provides broad introduction to computer science. Discusses architecture and function of computer hardware, including networks and operating systems, data and instruction representation and data organization. Covers software, algorithms, programming languages and software engineering. Discusses artificial intelligence and theory of computation. Includes a hand-on component. Co- or Prerequisite CSC 110. Lecture 2-3 hours. Laboratory 1-2 hours. Total 4 hours per week. Students may not receive credit for this class if they have previously taken IST 153/154.

This course utilizes Lego Robotics and the Mindstorms software and JES Jython/Python software.

CSC 201 Computer Science I
(4 Credits)

Introduces algorithm and problem solving methods. Emphasizes structured programming concepts, elementary data structures and the study and use of a high level programming language. Co-requisite CSC 100 or equivalent and MTH 173 or equivalent or divisional approval. Prerequisites CSC 200 or programming language course. Recommended prerequisites: ITP 112, ITP 134, or EGR 126. Lecture 4 hours per. This class is dual listed as ITP 120 Java Programming I.

This course utilizes Sun Java and BlueJ. Eclipse useful for students planning to compete in RU's programming content in Spring.

CSC 202 Computer Science II
(4 Credits)

Examines data structures and algorithm analysis. Covers date structures (including sets, strings, stacks, queus, arrays, records, files, linked lists, and trees), abstract data types, algorithm analysis (including searching and sorting methods), and file structures. Prerequisite: CSC 200 and (ITO 120 or CSC 201). Recommended prerequisite ITP 112 or ITP 134. Co- requisite MTH 174 (Equivalent for MTH 174 is the combination of MTH 175, 176, 177 and 178.) Lecture 4 hours per week. This class is dual listed as ITP 220 Java Programming II.

This course utilizes Sun Java and BlueJ. Eclipse useful for students planning to compete in RU's programming content in Spring.

CSC 205 Computer Organization
(3 Credits)

Examines the hierarchical structure of computer architecture. Focuses on multi-level machine organization. uses a simple assembler to compledge programming projects. Includes processors, instruction, execution, addressing techniques, data representation and digital logic. Lecture 3 has per week.

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Student Shane Francis and Professor Carlotta Eaton demonstrate
NXT robot (on left) and RCX robot (on right).
Robots are used in CSC 200 classes


CSC 200 Team
Winning Lego Robo War team
L to R: Emily Gabrysch, Daniel Burgess, Sam Burnett and Josh Branscome


CSC 200 Robot War Students Cole Nichols and Mikie Davis prepare for battle in the final
robot war project for CSC 200 class. Background L to R:
Laura McCormick, Professor Sandra Daniel's and Justin Beeke


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