New Aesop’s Quest iPhone App
by NRCC Games Team

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June 22, 2011

The NRCC Games team created the Aesop’s Quest iPhone app released on June 22, 2011.  This is the 8th game created by the NRCC Games Team.  The Aesop’s Quest educational game can be downloaded from the Apple iPhone Apps Store at no charge.

Aesop's Quest game

The child reads several Aesop’s stories, answers questions about the stories and then plays two games based on each story.  After completing each level, the child is rewarded with puzzle pieces.  After solving the puzzle the story is complete, and the child can continue to the next story.  Five classic Aesop’s stories included are  “The Bear and the Bees”, “The Wind and the Sun”,  “The Hare and the Tortoise”, “The Town and Country Mouse” and “The Shepherd and the Wolf.”

The game design, graphics, sound effects and programming were created by students on the NRCC Games team.  Carmel Stowers was the game designer and content manager for this project.  Cody Beasley and Heather Walters created the beautiful artwork, music and sound effects.   Justin Price was the programmer for the game, and Jerry Light and the team members tested the game.  Carmel and Cody provided the narration for the stories if the child wants to hear the story while reading. Carlotta Eaton is the director for this project and a professor for Information Technology.

The educational objective for this game is reading comprehension and is aligned to several Virginia Standards of Learning objectives for Reading. The game runs on the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Apple Apps Store or iTunes at or search for “NRCC Games” on iTunes.

Other educational games created by the NRCC Games team with over 54,100 downloads include:

  1. Portion Platter – Divide cookies, candy and a milk glass into percentages and fractions.
  2. Factor Race (Algebra) – Move your car around the race track as you factor equations.
  3. Spelling Cat – Put your spelling word list in every week.  Play missing letter, scramble or speak easy games with your list.
  4. Grammar Dragon – Wizards Luna and Leo rescue your friend from the castle captured by the dragon as you identify grammar parts of speech.
  5. Opposite Ocean – Wizards Luna and Leo go into the ocean and you earn pearls and coins from the clam for identifying antonyms.
  6. Same Meaning Magic – Wizards Luna and Leo go into the garden, and you earn coins and jewels from the wishing well as you identify synonyms.
  7. Same Sound Spell Bound – Wizards Luna and Leo practice spells in the castle.  Animal statues come to life or turn to dust as you use homonyms correctly.

"The NRCC Games team has been a successful project.  We have over 54,100 downloads to date for the 7 current games through the Apple iPhone Apps store. This team of students has done a fantastic job of creating these educational games from start to finish. We learned many new animation effects, programming and physics engines, as well as narration with the Aesop’s Quest game. The entire team collaborates on all aspects of each game so each game contains ideas from every team member including me." says Carlotta Eaton, professor of information technology at NRCC and head of game technology programs.

The NRCC Games team, part of the iLearn Project, is funded by an EETT Grant (Enhancing Education Through Technology) from the Virginia Department of Education working in collaboration with Dr. Matt Dunleavy and the RU Games Lab team at Radford University, Radford City Schools and Pulaski County Schools.   Over 100,955 game apps have been downloaded to date through the Apple Apps Store created by the NRCC Games team or the RU Games Lab team.

See more game details at and information about classes offered at NRCC in game design and development and Information Technology, or contact Carlotta Eaton or (540) 674-3600 x4250.