Games Made by Students for Students
A New Business Model for Internships

NRCC Games Studio creates educational games to aid teachers and students by providing a fun way for students to learn. The goal is to have students play these educational games inside and outside of the classroom. NRCC Games Studio’s games are based on the Virginia Standards of Learning guidelines and the feedback from teachers across the nation. Using the SOL results, NRCC Games Studio targets the subjects (i.e. Algebra, Fractions, etc.) that students are struggling with and creates user friendly educational games to assist with the learning process.   We have 15 games available for sale on the iPhone App Store. NRCC Games Studio is located at New River Community College in Christiansburg, Virginia.  Our business model is funded by the game app revenues to fund the program and part-time employees.


NRCC Games Studio has created an internship program that allows students seeking a degree specialization in Game Design to go through the entire game design and development process and create educational game apps in a single semester. Interns generally consist of programmers, designers and artists. NRCC Games Studio promotes teamwork, written and verbal communication, documentation, and an understanding of what it takes to create a game from start to finish. At the end of the internship, students will be prepared to enter game industry and obtain a job in game design, game art, or game programming. NRCC Games Studio is about promoting the game industry, as well as, giving back to the educational field – hence the slogan “Games made by students for students”




Race across a futuristic world while solving challenging fraction problems.
Earn new cars and open new areas while learning how to solve fractions.




Carlotta Eaton teaches game design and programming at New River Community College located in Christiansburg, VA. She is the director of the NRCC Games Studio teams. NRCC Games Studio has over 11 educational games currently available in the Apple iPhone App store. She started the first game program available in Virginia in Fall 2006. Prior to her teaching career, she was a Software Business Planner at IBM in RTP, NC for over 10 years



James St. Clair, a Radford University Alumni, is a Project Lead/Senior Programmer for NRCC Games. He is also Co-Founder of Lonely Monster Games, a startup game studio in Radford Virginia. His interests are: lean startups, game development, game design, 3D printing, and the color green.



Heather Walters is a project lead/lead artist for NRCC Games Studio and
co-founder/creative director of Lonely Monster Games, a mobile gaming company in Radford, Virginia. Heather graduated from Radford University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and is currently working towards a M.F.A. with a concentration in graphic design. Her interests are: art, video games, music, cookies, cupcakes, & food in general.

SPRING 2015 NRCC Games Studio Intern Team

The internship provides a fun atmosphere, a great an opportunity for students to work on a game development team outside the classroom environment and a finished product that is published on the Apple iPhone App Store!

Dylan Ondell
Digital Artist

Dylan is an upcoming Graphic Designer and Digital Artist who enjoys working on Team Projects.  He also enjoys lazy days binge watching Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, and Agents of Shield, etc.  He is also a big Star Wars fan who cannot wait for the next installment of the Star Wars series as well as the new Battlefront game being developed by DICE.  His ultimate goal in life is to help bring any project he works on.
"Is everyone else saying quotes?" ~Dylan

Justin Frazier
Digital Artist

Justin Frazier, maker of fine things and stuff. Winner of the national staring contest. He beat Dylan, which isn't saying much because he is pretty terrible. Justin is most known for his exceptional use of the lab pass.
"Huh? Hey." ~Justin

aka: Not A Digital Artist

MEHDIII!!! Is the only non digital artist intern on the team, he prefers a more logical way of expression, such as object-oriented programming (much better than art). On his free time, he enjoys long walks on the beach, strolls on grassy meadows in the sunset, and the occasional demon slaying.
"I feel left out. I just wanted to be a part of something, you guys." ~MEHDIIIIII!!!!

Steven Heath
Digital Artist

Through a fierce passion and love for music, arts, and the design for video games, NRCC Games Studio became the ideal location to use my talents.


"NRCC Games is the best group to have ever worked with." ~Steven

Lori Miller
Digital Artist

Born with a natural love of art and design! Also, loves Star Wars, animals, nature, food, cooking, video games and time travel.
"I absolutely love working with the games team at NRCC Games Studio!" ~Lori

Helen Wagle
Digital Artist

Information not yet available.

Want to join the NRCC Games Studio team?  Here’s the deal.


· You work with the  team 15 hours a week for 10 weeks in the summer semester, or 10 hours a week for 15 weeks in the fall or spring semesters.


·  You can be a volunteer, or pay tuition and earn 3 hours internship credit.


·  We are looking for programmers with experience in C++, Java, or Objective C.


·  We need game designers with an understanding of game play, balance and experience in Game Maker or Unity.


·  We need artists with great drawing skills and experience with Photoshop or Illustrator with an understanding of 2D animation.


·  You must be a team player and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


·  For an interview chat, send your resume, unofficial transcript and link to your digital portfolio to



Want to learn these skills?  Check out these courses offered Fall 2015:

·  ITP 160 Intro to Game Design and Development


·  ITD 212 Interactive Web Design (2D Animation and Adobe Flash certification)


·  ITD 110 Web Page Design I



Check out these courses offered Spring 2016:

·  ITD 112 Creating Web Page Graphics (Adobe Photoshop certification)


·   ITD 110 Web Page Design I


·  ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile Apps


·  ITD 210 Web Page Design II








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