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      Why Study History?


"It's the one entity that all Americans possess. Most of us don't share a religion, country of origin, or race; what we all share with the exception of those who were here before the Vikings is the immigrant experience. Sometimes like recalcitrant children we've run away from home, in hopes to find a better place. Whether we've arrived at Jamestown or Plymouth in the 17th century, arrived at Savannah or Charleston in the 18th century, arrived at New York or Boston on the coffin ships in the 19th century, arrived from Eastern Europe in the 20th century, or have just flown into O'Hare airport yesterday, we have all been taken from one land and have been deposited here like refuse beside the golden door.

It's our inheritance given to us from our enlightened forefathers, who with their trials and errors founded a great nation. This is the legacy handed down to all Americans, and this is the reason to study our history. It's our story and we should learn all of it for its heroic deeds, to its immutable errors. Cicero once said that knowing not what has come before leaves us perpetually as a child. Let us walk towards a truer maturity, and learn the stories of our nation."

 - Richard Goldberg