Economics Department title

Wall Street Journal Points

  • How many points?
        Two points possible per summary with a total of 40 possible points per course.
  • How do I receive the points?
       You write summaries of articles from the WSJ in your own words.
  • How do I post my summaries?
        Click on WSJ Summaries in the left column of Blackboard Econ 202.
  • How long do the summaries have to be?
    At least 120 words.
  • How much is the newspaper and how do I subscribe?
       For a fifteen dollar 15 week subscription go
  • Do I need a subscription to join?
         No, you can use the WSJ from any library.
  • Does this student subscription include the online and tablet version of the WSJ? Yes
  • How do I receive the newspaper?
        The newspaper will be home delivered five days a week.
  • Do I contact the newspaper myself?
  • How do I pay for the newspaper?
    Credit card. 
  • Are there any deadlines?
       Your summaries can be made at any time during the semester.
  • What about copying and pasting?
        Any copying and pasting from any source will disqualify you from the group. You can copy and paste anything which you composed yourself.
  • Can I use the same newspaper for several summaries?
        Yes, you can choose several articles from the same paper.
  • What do I have to include in my summary?
        You have to include the name of the article, the author, the date, and page number.
  • Where do I keep tract of my points?
        Your points will be recorded in a column labled WSJ in the Bb grade book