Economics Department title

Study Tips

Three Parts:

  1. The lecture is meant to give you an overview
  2. The textbook is meant to give you the details.
  3. The supplemental materials are designed to give you practice.

Be Sure to:

  1. Have a working knowledge of the vocabulary
  2. Understand the principles - concepts
  3. Use logic to work through to the correct answers
  4. Read the textbook, watch or listen to the lectures, and watch the videos for each chapter

For Each Chapter:

  1. Read the chapter.
  2. Watch the lecture videos or listen to the MP3 lecture file.
  3. Read the chapter a second time.
  4. Work through the PowerPoint tutorials in PowerPoint slide show mode.
  5. Be sure to email me about any questions you do not understand the answers; cite the source and question number.

Mid Term and Final Exam:

  1. Each test is taken from a test pool
  2. I combine the test pools for the previous three tests to make up a very large test pool for the mid and final
  3. About an equal number of questions are taken from the previous six chapters