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Human Services and Early Childhood Development Organization

New River Community College students interested in Human Services (HS) and Early Childhood Development (ECD) are welcome to participate in this organization.

The Human Services and Early Childhood students implement several community service projects each year.

HS and ECD students collected over 450 books that were donated to the New River Community Action Pulaski Head Start to help stock their Family Lending Library.

NRCC Book Drive

HS and ECD students volunteer each month along with the NRCC Student Activities to host the SHARE program. SHARE stands for Self-Help and Resource Exchange and is a program of New River Community Action.

SHARE is available to EVERYONE (all income levels) that wants to help the community and save on food costs.

The idea behind SHARE is to contribute to your community and empower people to support themselves. Participants agree to contribute 2 hours of community service for each package of food purchased. Community Service is anything you do for another person for which you do not receive pay. It is work done to improve the community or help a community organization or an individual. A few examples include volunteering with SHARE, scouts, faith based groups, schools, hospitals, or community organizations; babysitting for a neighbor; or running errands for an elderly person.

All food is purchased, none is donated. Volume buying and buying directly from the manufacturers and suppliers, in addition to the use of volunteer labor, enables SHARE to supply food at a cost of about half its retail value. It does not take food away from the needy. The more people that participate the lower the cost of the food for everyone.

HMS and ECD Organization