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Week of January 27, 2003 - Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper Alan Cooper, a.k.a. The Father of Visual Basic invented the Visual Basic forms designer and VBX controls for Visual Basic 1.0. Well, we all know what happened. That same designer model has been used by all subsequent versions of Visual Basic, and is now the forms designer engine in Visual Studio.NET.
He has written two books, About Face, and The Inmates are Running the Asylum. Both are well-written and insightful. He has delighted audiences for years with his wit, insight, and relentless audacity to call em like he sees em.

Alan has a lot to say about programming, programmers, and focuses intently on what's wrong with programming as we know it. Why do businesspeople fear programmers? Is the construction of software managed? These topics and more are the focus of this monumental episode of .NET Rocks!

Alan tells the story of that meeting where he showed Visaul Basic (then code-named Ruby) to Bill Gates and his people.

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