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DUE Project Information Resource System (PIRS)


Project Title:Creating Pathways for New IT Professionals
Principal Investigator:Keith  Morneau
Institution:Virginia Community College System IE-IT
Award Number:0202482
Starting date of award:Aug 1 2002
Ending date of award:Jan 31 2005 (Estimated)

Official NSF abstract on file:

The Virginia Community College System develops a consortium of two-year colleges, industry, and four-year universities to provide students throughout Virginia with a consistent set of IT knowledge and skills. The consortium integrates into the curriculum industry-desired "value delivery skills," which include the employability skills described by the SCANS report and also more mathematics and science. The SCANS 2000 Center at Johns Hopkins provides guidance for adapting or designing classroom and laboratory activities. Assessments with rubrics are developed to measure the extent to which students gain the needed competencies. Workshops, along with electronic follow-up, educate the faculty in new ways of facilitating the learning of IT knowledge and skills. Pilot test activities determine the efficacy of the courses and the faculty professional development. Connections are made to high schools through Tech Prep.