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Personal Background

I grew up in the beautiful, rural area of Floyd, Virginia and graduated from Floyd County High School.After high school I lived in Radford, VA and Blacksburg, VA while attending college and graduate school. I didn't appreciate the beauty of Floyd until I worked for IBM and lived in Raleigh, NC for over ten years. I moved back to the New River Valley in 1992, and I believe that the NRV is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

I am currently a Professor in the Information Technology department at New River Community College. I am also the IT Cluster Leader which gives me many additional responsibilites without a dime of additional pay.

I love teaching and feel that I can help people change their lives through education.

I consider myself a problem solver. I enjoy coming up with several possibilities for a problem and then choosing the best solution.

"To teach is to learn twice".
This quotation is attributed to Joseph Joubert (1754-1824), a French teacher.

Another one of my favorite sayings is: "There are 3 types of people in the world: Some people make things happen, some watch things happen, while others wonder what has happened?" Which type are you? I always try to make things happen in my own life.

I am also a wife, mother, daughter, choir member, cook, housekeeper etc....I feel I juggle many roles every every day.

Family Background

I graduated from Radford University on a Saturday and got married the next Saturday. I locked my keys in my car twice that week, which has never happened before or since. Steve and I have been married since 1979; over 25 years now. Steve is a big guy who works all the time unless he is on the golf course. You can see a bigger picture of my lovely family by clicking on the family portrait.

Our daughter, Cassie graduated from Radford University in May 2009. She now lives and works in Charlotte, NC with her husband Andy Shortt.

I have a very large extended family. I am the oldest child in my immediate family with one brother and two sisters. My mother is retired now, and worked as a church secretary and phone operator. My mother has 10 sisters and 1 brother. Her father was a farmer in Indian Valley, Virginia. There are 46 first cousins in my generation on this side of my family.

My father is also retired, and worked as a telephone troubleshooter, lineman and installer for Citizens Telephone so spent most of his working hours on a phone pole. My father has 5 brothers and 5 sisters. My father raised two of his siblings when his mother died, when he was only 16. His father was a coal miner in Clintwood, Virginia. My great grandmother lived to be over 100 and still lived alone and could prepare a meal faster than anyone I've ever known. I plan to live at least 30 years after I retire. My paternal grandfather worked in the coal mines in Clintwood, Virginia. There are 25 first cousins in my generation on this side of my family.

Needless to say that I am kin to literally hundreds of people from both branches of my family tree.

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