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This is the place to start for this course. Students are not expected to have previous programming experience for this course.

How to Navigate this Site

  • Start with Course Info (this page) to find general information about the class such as the course plan (syllabus), and materials required.
  • Select Home in the navigation bar to return back to the home page.
  • The Assignments page lists the due dates and details of each lecture assignment.
  • The Labs page lists the due dates and details for each lab assignment.
  • Select the Classmates page to find email addresses for your classmates, and to learn more about your team members.
  • The Resources page has a list of the PowerPoint slides as well as other information not covered in any of the textbooks.

Are you in the right course?

  • Read the Course Plan (syllabus) especially the pre-requisite section to ensure that you have the needed coursework and skills before attempting this course.

E-mail, Internet Access and Labs

  • Labs are available on the NRCC campus for your use. You can use most labs on campus for e-mail and Internet access.
  • The only labs on campus that have the Jython and Lego Mindstorms software required for this course are Mall 109 and Rooker 254.

Required Software

  • Software is required for this class. See the Course Plan (syllabus) under Instructional Materials for more information.

Last Update: August 28, 2017


Start here.

How to Navigate this site.

Are you the right course?

Email, Internet and Labs

Required Software

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