CSC 200

Chapter 14 Simulation, Graphics, Gaming and Other Appications Assignment - 53 Points

Instructions & Grading

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Ivan Sutherland

Basic Instructions

  • Create a professional Word document. Include your name, course number and chapter number at the top of each page.
  • Each question is worth one point except for the Thought Questions.
  • Print your completed document and submit at the BEGINNING of class on the due date. Hand-written assignments or late assignments will not be accepted.
  • Include the number of each question in your document. Answer only the assigned questions.
  • Write your answers in your own words.
  • Do not cut and paste answers from your textbook nor a web site. Submitting answers found on any web site is a violation of the NRCC Honor code.

Assignment Details

(4 points) People in Computer Science - Ivan Sutherland (pages 468-469)

  1. Ivan Sutherland has also earned the Turing Award. What is another award that he has earned?
  2. What is the system called that he created that he is most known for?
  3. What field was started based on the system in #2?
  4. What does he consider his proudest accomplishment?

(8 points) Matching

  • #1 - #8

(16 points) True False

  • #9 - #24

(3 points) 14.1 What is Simulation?

  • #25, #27, #28

(10 points) 14.2 Specific Models

  • #31, #32, #33, #38, #39, #41, #42, #43, #45, #47

(2 points) 14.3 Computer Graphics

  • #50, #52

(10 points) Thought Questions
Write a paragraph or more to answer each question.

  • (3 points) #5 What other real-life situations can be modeled using a priority queue?
  • (4 points) #6 CAD systems are now available for everyday use. See how many programs are available to help you design anything from a kitchen to a guitar. IMPORTANT: Check online instead of going to a local computer store to find CAD software. Attach a 1 page printout about the CAD software you researched.
  • (3 points) #7 Do you see video gaming as a problem for you or your friends? Has it affected your own or a friend's schoolwork? (Read Ethical Issues Gaming as an Addiction Page 495 before answering this question)



  • Print your Word document.
  • Submit at the beginning of class on or before the due date.

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