Instructions - Fall 2017

Monday 8/28/17 - Welcome to Class

  • Welcome to the CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science class. This course is designed for students in the Information Technology or Computer Science degree programs.
  • Visit the NRCC Information Technology page for more details on IT and CS degree programs.
  • The instructors for this class are:
    • Mrs. Carlotta Eaton for the M1 and M2 sections.
    • Mr. Michael Flora for the M6 night section.
  • Blackboard will NOT be used to post assignments. All assignments are available on this web site.
  • Click the Syllabus button to view the items you need to purchase from the bookstore for this class.
  • Pay special attention to the pre-req section of the syllabus/course plan. If you already have experience with Office applications from high school then you are ready to take this class. If not, then you should take ITE 115, CSC 110 or BUS 226 this semester and then take CSC 200 next fall or spring semester.

Girls Get IT Camp - June 2017

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Last Update: August 28, 2017