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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Career Pathways?

Being a Career Pathways student provides many advantages. You have personal time with a career counselor who helps you decide what to do in school now to prepare for the future. This program also allows you to earn college credit in high school. When you get to college, you will be closer to graduation or will have room in your schedule to take additional classes.

How Does Career Pathways Work with My High School Diploma?

Being a Career Pathways student does not change your diploma status at all. You will graduate with a standard or advanced diploma, whichever you choose. You still have to take and pass the same number of SOL tests, too. What being a Career Pathways student will do is give you more options AFTER high school.

Where Do The College Credits Come From And Where Do They Go?

The college credit you earn through dual enrollment or articulation with the Career Pathways program will be through New River Community College. These credits will count toward a degree in the same field once you enroll at NRCC. Some, but not all, of the dual enrolled credits can count towards a four year degree - it is up to the receiving college as to what credits count towards the four year degree.

What Is Dual Enrollment Credit?

Dual enrollment credit occurs when a high school student simultaneously receives credit at two institutions for course work completed. The student is a high school student and a community college student at the same time.