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Career Pathways

Career Pathways is an innovative program that helps students get from high school to meaningful employment.  By pursuing a Career Pathway you can:

  • Work with someone to help sort out the confusion of “life after high school”
  • Find something that interests you to do with your future
  • Earn college credit while you are in high school
  • Finish your college degree sooner
  • Make college more affordable
  • Get on-the-job experience prior to committing to actual employment

Career pathways are educational or training programs that prepare participants for employment and progression in high demand or high wage fields.  Career pathways develop a learner's academic, technical, employability, and career management skills; offer opportunities to earn industry recognized credentials; provide career planning services; and include work-based learning such as internships, co-ops, or apprenticeships.

Features and Benefits of Career Pathways

Career pathways connects students to higher levels of education:  offering college credits for high school courses and apprenticeship related instruction and, in many cases, transfer credits to related baccalaureate programs.

  • Integrated curriculum of academic and technical subjects
  • Career planning and career exploration
  • Work and project based learning
  • Opportunities and connections to higher education or continuing education
  • Social support as relevant
  • Placement in high-demand/high-wage jobs