Saturday, October 28, 2017

10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Edwards Hall, Room 117

* $2 ADMISSION (13 or OLDER) *

New River Community College Comic-Con 2017

The NRCC Comic-Con will be held at New River Community College in Dublin, VA on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The guests and dealers will be in Edwards Hall, Room 117. Exhibitions, displays and demonstrations will be held in the Student Lounge in Martin Hall. Children can wear Halloween costumes and cosplayers are invited to come as their favorite comic book, sci-fi, fantasy or horror characters. Admission is $2 for ages 13 or older, so, come for a few hours or the whole day. Interesting panel discussions are scheduled throughout the day. Meet comic book artists/writers and authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror. If you've never been to a comic book convention, here's your chance! The library wants to promote reading, creativity and the fun of comic books. Join in on the fun here in the New River Valley.


Wear Your Costume

*family friendly*



Dan Delby

Writer/Artist of his self-published, Astronomical Comics. Check out Dan’s latest comics.

John Rose

Writer/Artist on King Feature’s comic strip, “SNUFFY SMITH”. Bodacious!!!

Michael Eury

Editor-in chief of TwoMorrow’s Eisner Award-nominated BACK ISSUE magazine, has worked as a writer or editor for Nike, Toys R Us, The Microsoft Network, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, Comico the Comic Company, Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing, Bowen Designs, Arcadia Publishing, and others. An Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide advisor, Michael has written or co-written over a dozen books about comic book and regional history. His latest book is HERO-A-GO-GO: CAMPY COMIC BOOKS, CRIMEFIGHTERS, AND CULTURE OF THE SWINGING SIXTIES, published in April 2017 by TwoMorrows.

Gary Kwapisz

Gary is an artist/writer/colorist who has worked for DC, Marvel and other comic book companies. He is well known for his work on Marvel’s, CONAN THE BARBARIAN and THE PUNISHER. He and writer, Chuck Dixon, have self-published the graphic novels, CIVIL WAR ADVENTURE 1 & 2.

Jimmy “The Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant

Jimmy is a former wrestler with the World Wide Wrestling Federation. SUPER NICE GUY!!!

Brien “Magnet Man” Powell

Magnet Man takes care of Jimmy Valiant’s website and is a cartoonist. Lil’ M, son of Magnet Man, will also be in attendance.

Stanley Galloway

Professor of English at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA. Stan is also a member of the international fan group, The Burroughs Bibliophiles, who promote the life and writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan of the Apes, John Carter of Mars, etc.) Stan is also author of THE TEENAGE TARZAN, a look at ERB’s JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN. If you want to talk poetry, Stan is the Man.

501st LEGION

International Star Wars Cosplay organization. They aren’t really evil, as they do a lot of community service and help charities. Their discussion panel is always packed.

Shannon Houff

Author of SPRING BLESSINGS (From the Files of the Dept. of the Arcane) and SUMMER SACRIFICES (From the Files of the Dept. of the Arcane).

Glen Richardson

Artist/writer/creator of his self-published comic book, SGT. SASQUATCH. Look for SGT. SASQUATCH standing in front of Glen’s tables.


This is your chance to get a 2018 membership and miscellaneous related convention merchandise for this Roanoke Science Fiction/Fantasy convention. Their next convention will be held February 23-25, 2018.

Crystal Raen

Crystal is an author and will be selling her books and coloring books.

Gamestruck - Zach Wray

Arcade games you can play at no cost to you.

Pixel Freak - Bridget Muncy

Pixelated nerd art for your eyes.

Richard Case

Richard has been illustrating comics professionally for more than 25 years, having illustrated runs on Doom Patrol, Sensational Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Batman ’66 and many more. He continues to work on his creator-owned title- Annie Ammo. He is also a concept artist for Red Storm Entertainment, most recently helping to develop Tom Clancey’s The Division. Visit Richard at his table to get comics autographed or buy some original art. He will be interviewed by Matthew Smith, Director of Communication Studies at Radford University, during an hour panel.

Dr. Matthew Smith

The Director of Communication Studies at Radford University- Matt will host a panel on “Marvel Origins: Jack Kirby and the Technology of Imagination”. This is Jack Kirby’s 100th anniversary year. If you do not know who Jack Kirby is, you need to attend this panel. Matt will also interview one of our special guests, Richard Case.

Mike Wade

Mike is a portrait artist and has been working on some great color pencil drawings of some of our favorite superheroes from the movies. He will be selling original art at his table.

The Flippy Family

Flippy the dachshund now stars in a comic book created by Dionysis Metalcult( Music, comics, mustache). Flippy will be at a table assisted by DM, who will be selling comics, posters, buttons, toys, pulp magazines, vintage and unique items.

Frech Studios

Jerry Frech is an artist and Star Wars enthusiast. He will have original art for sale at his table.

Bilco Productions

Bill Lancaster is working on a documentary called “Cultured Bigfoot”. It’s about the culture and people( some you have seen on television) who search for the elusive Bigfoot. He will be showing a 10 minute trailer at his table and host an hour long panel. He will be selling his movie poster art and DVDs from his YouTube series.

MeanInk Publishing - Daniel Meaney

Daniel will have books and posters for sale.

Brian Funk

He will have his self-published comics, prints and toys for sale.

Josh Ginter

Josh will be selling his self-published comics and art.

Guy A. Sims

An author of poetry and short fiction, Guy has also written “Kwanzaa Handbook” and “The Kwanzaa Kids Learn the Seven Principles”, “Rife Powers, and Other Too Tall Tales”,and “Living Just A little”. He is headwriter for the “Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline” comicbook series, companion novellas, “The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim” 1-5 and the graphic novel, “Brother Revelation”, with his illustrator brother, Dawud Anyabwile. Guy also wrote the graphic novel adaptation of Walter Dean Myers’ award winning youth novel, “Monster”, for Harper-Collins.

Camille D. G. Mustachio

Camille is the co-editor, with Jason Barr, of “Giant Creatures In Our World: Essays on Kaiju and American Popular Culture”. She will host a panel about their book, the subject matter and popular culture. In case you are not familiar with the term “Kaiju” it is Japanese for giant monsters like Godzilla, Rodan, Gamera and Ultraman. The book will be available November 2017.

The Wytheville Ghostbusters

Troy Black and his family will come with nuclear proton packs ready for any pesky ghosts at New River Community College. They love to pose for photos!

Bo Keister

Actor/Producer in movies such as “Remember the Titans”, “Killing Kennedy” and “House of Good and Evil”. He is the lead star and producer of the cable television program, ”Hillbilly Horror Show”. He has been in numerous television shows and commercials.

Kevin Sharpe

Professional comic book artist who has worked for DC, Marvel, Image and IDW.

Noah Sult

Artist working in collaboration with Kevin Sharpe on a Kickstarter project.

Radford High School Robotics Team

They will have robots people can interact with and will be selling pre-packaged candy bars and crackers.

Jessica Patrick

Face painter. If you’re not wearing a costume, you can get something painted on your face.

Ralph N. Laughlin

Co-Author with Ann E. Johnson of, “Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy Under Siege”. This is a new novel about Tarzan and his offspring fighting to save their family. It is from The Wild Adventures of Tarzan series.



Jeremiah Smallwood
Selling plush, wallets, keychains and accessories.


Crystal Gertz
This is where you can find Halloween/Horror décor and small props.


Tim Price
Comic books.

Street Eats

A food truck that sells hamburgers, hotdogs, barbeque, French fries, etc.

Millennial Boutique

Brooke and Brandon Warden
Mugs, tumblers, signs, car decals, Mickey ears and jewelry.

Blankets from Across the Multiverse and Beyond

Sarah Melton
handmade blankets and fandom crafts collectibles.

Critical Hit Creations

David Guynn
Pixel Bead art, Comics, Toys, Crochet Plush Pokemon, MTG cards and collectibles.

Nate Lundy

Toys, comics, card games, collectibles.


Tammy and Elmer Roush
Hand-carved walking sticks, canes, pencils, ornaments, chain maille jewelry, steampunk jewelry, etc.

Creole That food truck

Randall Spenser
Cajun Mac & Cheese.

Drunken Trog Studio

Tamara Quinn and Mike Melton
Foam armor, prop weapons, jewelry, polymer collectibles, “fan Collectibles”.

Stefan’s Moonrise Kingdom

Lance Porter
Comic art and coasters.

Millennial Boutique

Brook Warden
Mugs, tumblers, signs, car decals, Mickey ears, jewelry.

Frank’s Cool Stuff

Frank Brevard
Anime and Asian DVDs; gaming and trading card packs; comics and related merchandise.

Hookin’ Around

Valerie Gayle
Crochet geekery; dolls. gloves, scarves.

Nomad Comics & Collectibles

Chris Foss
Chris will have lots of comics, toys and books.

Chief’s Comics & Collectibles

Roger and Annette Davis
You will find comics and related toys, figures and misc. collectibles at Roger’s and Annette’s tables.

Denise Young

Denise will be selling crochet amigurumi.

HeeBee GeeBee

Toys and comics brought in by some knucklehead.

Super Game Station

John Yamine
Videogames, old and new: Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, Sony & video game memorabilia.

B & D Comic Shop

Terry Baucom and Diana Fain
They will have comics, action figures and graphic novels.

When Toys Were Fun

Michelle Freshwater and Alan Hipes
Vintage and collectible toys, comic books and vintage ephemera.

Arch-Villain Comics

Bradley Stafford
Comics and a few toys.

Rick Fortenberry

Rick will have great comic books for sale.

Untamed Worlds

Chris Garbee
Lots and lots of comic books for sale.

Vintage Investments

Larry Clevinger II
Check out Larry’s comic books and toys.

Alum Ridge Industries

Roger Mannon
Comic books and collectibles can be found at Roger’s tables.


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