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Instructor: Dr. Pablo Chalmeta
Office: Godbey Hall 48
Phone: (540) 674-3600 ext.4266
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Here is an FAQ for this class

Q. How do I get into MyOpenMath?
A. You can go to MyOpenMath and you will need this document:

Course syllabus and MyOpenMath information Summer 2021.

Q. What is the story with the Written Homework list? Do we need to turn those in?
A. Those are homework problems are for extra practice. Only the online homework is graded.

Q. What are the due dates for the homework?
A. The homework is due the day before the test. The sections that are covered for the test should be done before you take the test for best results. I will open those up a second time for everyone on the last weekend before the final. Due dates can be found in the syllabus or in MyOpenMath

Q. Do I have to come to campus for the myOpenMath homework?
A. You DO NOT need to come to campus to complete the homework. The homework is done through the software and you can complete them anywhere you would like. They are open book, open note and untimed.

Q. Where can I take the test?
A. The test can be taken at home. Review the testing procedures in the syllabus.

The FINAL EXAM can be taken at either of our testing centers. (Dublin library or the Mall in Christiansburg) Contact them to schedule an appointment.

Q. Can I take the tests early?
A. You can always take the test as early as you would like. The dates on the schedule are the LAST day to take the test. The test can be taken at home. Review the testing procedures in the syllabus.

Q. If I have problems with the material will you answer my questions?
A. I answer questions in my office, by email (, Zoom and on the phone (phone should be your last resort).

I will be holding virtual office hours via Zoom Meeting. My office hours this summer are by appointment only. I am happy to meet with you both during the day and in the evening.

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Q. What textbook do you use for this class?
A. Elementary Differential Equations 2nd ed
Author: Kohler & Johnson