Test 2 Information

Test 2 Topics:

For test 2 you will need to know how to

1. Find a polynomial given its zeros.

2. Find the domain of a rational function.

3. Be able to graph a rational function.

4. Be able to find all the asymptotes of a rational function.

5. Be able to sketch the graph of a polynomial after finding the zeros and the behavior for large values of x.

6. Be able to sketch a graph using transformations.

7. Be able to use the rational zeros theorem to identify possible rational zeros.

8. Be able to find the zeros of a polynomial if you are given 1 or more of the zeros to start. (this includes complex zeros.)

9. Be able to divide polynomials [ F(x) / (x - a) ]using synthetic division and write them in the form F(x) = q(x) (x-a) + r. (Appendix A5)

Test solutions can be found under "Test Information" on the Blackboard site.


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