Math 163 Prealculus FAQ

Q. How do I get into Lumen OHM?

A. You can go to and you will need

Lumen OHM Enrollment Key

Q. What are the due dates for the homework?

A. The homework is due on the day before you take the test.

Q. What is the story with the homework list? Do we need to turn those in?

A. Those homework problems are for extra practice. Only the Lumen OHM homework is graded.

Q. Can I take the tests early or late?

A. No. There are no make-up tests. If you miss a test that grade is replaced by the final.

Q. Do you have lectures I can see online?

A. There are videos available in the homework software.

Q. If I have problems with the material will you answer my questions?

A. I answer questions in my office, by email ( and on the phone (phone should be your last resort). You only need to make an appointment if you can't make my office hours.

Q What textbook do you use for this class?

A. College Algebra 3/e Corrected Edition July 2013 Stitz and Zeager.
Book available free: