New River Community College


Degree Programs

Computer Aided Drafting Certificates

The certificate in Computer Aided Drafting is designed to bring the experienced drafter into the computer aided drafting and design age. Work experience is expected prior to entering this program. Completion of the courses in the certificate program will provide computer and computer aided drafting competencies required of CAD designers.

  First Semester (Fall)  
Catalog Course Name Credits
ARC 123 Architectural Graphics 3
CAD 114 Drafting I 3
CAD 120 Intro. to Graphic Representation 3
MTH 115 Technical Mathematics I 3
Total Credits 12
Second Semester (Spring)  
Catalog Course Name Credits
CAD 140 Technical Drawing 3
CAD 198 Seminar and Project 3
CAD 201 Computer Aided Drafting & Design I 4
CAD 238 Computer Aided Modeling/Rendering 3
    Total Credits 13
Total Credits 25