Engineering Design Technology Careers

Types of jobs in the New River Valley

Technical & Mechanical Design 2D & 3D with AutoCAD and Inventor

  • Technical & Mechanical Design 3D Modeling with PRO-E (Pro-Engineer) Under Technical/Mechanical
    - Part Design
    - CNC Design
    - Manufacturing Design
    - Industrial Engineering & Design
    Industrial engineering, or management engineering, is concerned with efficient production. The industrial engineer designs methods, not machinery. Jobs include plant layout, analysis and planning of workers' jobs, economical handling of raw materials, their flow through the production process, and the efficient control of the inventory of finished products.
  • Architectural Design and Drafting (Both 2D and 3D) Under Architectural
    - Commercial & Government Building Design
    - School Design
    - Residential Design
    - Architectural Rendering
    - Structural Engineering Design/Drafting
    - HVAC and Electrical Design
  • Civil Engineering Civil engineering includes the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of structures and altering geography to suit human needs. Some of the numerous subdivisions are transportation (e.g., railroad facilities and highways); hydraulics (e.g., river control, irrigation, swamp draining, water supply, and sewage disposal); and structures (e.g., buildings, bridges, and tunnels).
    Under Civil Engineering
    - Road Design
    - Land Reclamation Design
    - Storm Water and Wastewater Design
    - Ground Water Modeling
    - Environmental Design
    - Land Fill Design

Outside of the NRV:
- All of the above and:

  • Aerospace Engineering Design - Aeronautical Design Aeronautical engineering is applied in the designing of aircraft and missiles and in directing the technical phases of their manufacturing and operation. Mineral engineering includes mining, metallurgical, and petroleum engineering, which are concerned with extracting minerals from the ground and converting them to pure forms. Other important branches of engineering are agricultural engineering, engineering physics, geological engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering, and nuclear engineering.
  • Automotive Design - Design Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Design - Electronic Engineering Design Electrical engineering design encompasses all aspects of electricity from power engineering, the development of the devices for the generation and transmission of electrical power, to electronics. Electronics is a branch of electrical engineering that deals with devices that use electricity for control of processes. Subspecialties of electronics include computer engineering, microwave engineering, communications, and digital signal processing. It is the engineering specialty that has grown the most in recent decades.
  • 3D Modeling - Reverse Engineering - 3D Scanning Devices, Probes
    - Optical Scanners, Computer Tomography
    - Additive or Subtractive Applications
    - Rapid Prototyping
    - 3D Printing
    - Rapid Manufacturing & Digital Fabrication
    - Quality Inspection
    - CFD & FEA Analysis
    - 3D Visualization
    - Digital Archiving
    - Collaborative manufacturing
    - CAD Softwares
    - Reconstruction Softwares, Point Cloud Data Management
    - Process Imaging, Computer Added Quality
    - GIS

Starting pay ranges:

New River Valley:
Depending on what you go into and practical job experience while you are going to school:
$19 - $22/hour starting out
$22 - $26/hour for experienced CAD/Engineering Technician/designer/draftsman
Outside the New River Valley:
$20.00 - $23.00/hour starting out
$24.00 - $32.00 hour for experienced CAD/Engineering Technician/designer/draftsman, experienced designers, modelers and animators (depending on software)