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MUS 221-35 Music History I (Online Course)

Music History is a required course for all music majors, no matter what the discipline. This is a one-year online course divided into two semesters. The first semester covers Western music from the Medieval Period through the Baroque Period. The second semester covers the Classical Period through to today's Modern music.

For non-music majors and music lovers, this course provides a more in-depth view into the history of Western music than the introductory course of Music Appreciation. Non-music majors can choose whichever history period they wish to study, or both semesters for that matter.

Come delve into the past, learn the musical traditions and let that knowledge carry you through a lifetime of enlightened musical appreciation.

Course Materials

To be purchased at the College Bookstore:
OnMusic History Survey Access Card

OnMusic History Survey Access Card

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Getting Started

High speed internet access is required for this course.

Please go to the course information website (MUS 221-35) located on your NRCC Blackboard page. Read everything thoroughly.

Register the OnMusic History Survey access card.

Once you are in the course, make sure that you run a software check found under Contents & Assignments.

If you have any technical problems, please consult Technical Support with the OnMusic History course site.

I will send all communications to you at your NRCC email address, so please make sure that you check your email regularly. Other messages will appear under Announcements on the course site.

If there are any questions that arise other than technical ones, feel free to contact me at (540) 674-3600 ext.4351 or email me at lbillaud@nr.edu.

I look forward to working with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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