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The Accountability in Student Learning Program (ASLP) Team connects students to the resources they need in order to meet their educational goals.
Connection Specialists and Advisors intentionally engage students who may be in need of academic advising, tutoring, or help in overcoming obstacles to academic success such as lack of books, computers or Internet access at home.
NRCC and the ASLP program cannot solve every problem; however, we CAN connect you to various community resources that are available.
The ASLP Team also creates opportunities for students with similar backgrounds, goals and/or challenges to come together to support each other.


Accountability in Student Learning
Godbey Hall 53
Phone: (540) 674-3647
E-mail: jwilliams@nr.edu

If you are in need of academic assistance or other types of support
or if you have an idea for supporting student success and you don’t know where to go – let us know.


jill williams image

Jill Williams
E-mail: jwilliams@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3647
Office: Godbey 55
video icon  Meet Jill!

amy hall image

Amy Hall
Associate Director/Connection Specialist
E-mail: ahall@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4211
Office: Godbey 56
video icon  Meet Amy!

serena moore image

Serena Moore
Administrative Support Specialist
E-mail: smoore@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3677
Office: Godbey 53
video icon  Meet Serena!

john bowler image

John Bowler
Advisor/Connection Specialist
E-mail: jbowler@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4418
Office: NRV Mall site 115
video icon  Meet John!

kymn brewer image

Kymn Brewer
Advisor/Connection Specialist
E-mail: kbrewer@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4234
Office: Rooker 273
video icon  Meet Kymn!

barry cox image

Barry Cox
Veterans Connection Specialist
E-mail: bcox@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3693
Office: Godbey 74
video icon  Meet Barry!

peggy dunn image

Peggy Dunn
Academic Advising Manager/ Connection Specialist
E-mail: pdunn@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4408
Office: Rooker 275
video icon  Meet Peggy!

carrie hodge image

Carrie Hodge
Connection Specialist
E-mail: cahodge@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 577-2368
Office: Godbey 44
video icon  Meet Carrie!

lucy howlett image

Lucy Howlett
Disability Services Coordinator/ Connection Specialist
E-mail: lhowlett@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3619
Office: Rooker 274
video icon  Meet Lucy!

Bridget Meneghini image

Bridget Meneghini
Connection Specialist
E-mail: bmeneghini@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 235-1787
Office: Godbey 45
video icon  Meet Bridget!

Micah Price image

Micah Price
Advisor/Connection Specialist
E-mail: mprice@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4153
Office: NRV Mall site 153
video icon  Meet Micah!

gsalerno image

Glenda Salerno
Administrative Assistant/Connection Specialist
E-mail: gsalerno@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 3609
Office: Rooker 271
video icon  Meet Glenda!

Frances Scartelli image

Frances Scartelli
Connection Specialist
E-mail: fscartelli@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 577-4098
Office: Godbey 66
video icon  Meet Frances!

Stephanie Shinn image

Stephanie Shinn
Connection Specialist
E-mail: sshinn@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4164
Office: NRV Mall site 154

Rebecca Whitener image

Rebecca Whitener
Advisor/Connection Specialist
E-mail: rwhitener@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4403
Office: Rooker 276
video icon  Meet Rebecca!

Ray Williams image

Ray Williams
Connection Specialist
E-mail: crwilliams@nr.edu
Phone: (540) 674-3600, ext. 4449
Office: Godbey 57
video icon  Meet Ray!



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