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Contact Information:

Paige Cash, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English and Advanced Learners Program Leader

New River Community College
Dublin, VA 24084
Phone: (540) 674-3600 Ext. 4446
Office: Godbey Hall 47

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Information for Students

Want to challenge yourself even more?

New River Community College is excited to announce the Advanced Learners Program! Designed for high-achieving and highly motivated students, The Advanced Learners Program (ALP) provides students with the opportunity to experience an interactive learning environment of inquiry, discovery, collaboration, and heightened student engagement!


Offered conveniently online, ALP courses are standard Virginia Community College courses that faculty have adapted and developed for ALP students. ALP course content is broader in scope and deeper in examination than prescribed student learning in standard courses. The courses offer more active learning and intensive “discovery” of knowledge, as well as

  • Extended student-student and student-faculty interaction
  • Emphasis on advanced topics and greater in-depth understanding
  • Deeper engagement with peers and faculty in course content
  • Exploration of advanced concepts, ideas, and research based on student interest
  • Collaborative teaching and learning, assignments, and projects
  • Increased student sharing of personal perspectives and knowledge
  • Emphasis on research, writing, and critical analysis


To become eligible to participate in any ALP course at New River Community College (NRCC), student must have met all eligibility requirements for admission to NRCC, and must

  • complete a short application and participate in an interview with ALP program leaders.
  • meet eligibility requirements for enrolling in college-level English courses
  • have earned a cumulative college GPA of no less than 3.2 (or the equivalent in high school if an entering student)

Benefits to Students

  • Personal achievement
  • Deeper engagement with peers and faculty
  • Recognition through an ALP designation on their college transcripts and distinction at graduation


  • If a student has previously taken and passed a standard course that has an ALP equivalent, the student may not retake it as an ALP course.
  • Course availability may be limited until the program matures.
  • Not all courses will have an ALP equivalent.
  • Some ALP courses may not have a standard course equivalent.