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Contact Information:

Paige Cash, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English and Advanced Learners Program Leader

New River Community College
Dublin, VA 24084
Phone: (540) 674-3600 Ext. 4446
Office: Godbey Hall 47

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Course Descriptions

MUS 121: Music Appreciation
Louise Billaud

This is a Distance Education course designed specifically for students who have been accepted into the Advanced Learners Program (ALP) and whose learning styles are best served by providing them with instructional opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting. The ALP learner strives to not only to comprehend the material presented in the course, but also to expand upon that knowledge through independent research and collaborative discussions exhibiting a thorough comprehension of the chosen subject as well as a synthesis of the studied material. This course provides a supportive environment for the self-motivated learner to explore in-depth the world of music not only through weekly collaborative discussions but also through a teacher-approved, self-generated topic of study that will be presented to other members of the class during the final two-weeks of the course.

SOC 266: Race and Ethnicity
Dr. Heidi Morehead

This is a Distance Education course designed specifically for those students whose learning styles are best served by providing instructional opportunities through a self-study process different from the traditional classroom setting. Students enrolled in this course are expected to be self-motivated and complete the course assignments on their own initiative. The main goal of this course is to further develop your sociological imagination; i.e., the understanding of the roles that social context, actors, and actions have in shaping social outcomes. More specifically, this course aims to increase your awareness of the influence of past and present prejudice and discrimination on the current social and economic statuses of several ethnic minority groups in the United States. As such, you will be exposed to and required to explore advanced topics, concepts, and ideas pertaining to race and ethnic relations in the United States. Unlike traditional courses, this course will offer you increased opportunity to investigate topics of personal interest. A strong emphasis is placed on research, writing, and critical analysis of course content.