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Aileen Blankenship Fletcher

Hand-Colored Photographs


Transcience Vines of Time
I Once Was Lost
Light of Grace

This collection of photographs reflects my love for the outdoors, for old buildings which are being reclaimed by nature, for spiritual places, for trees, plants and vines, for ordinary places and common objects. Although people are seldom included, most photographs reveal their presence and influence.

Some of the photos have been taken with infrared film which lightens foliage and records a glow of heat as well as light. Most of my photos have been taken with black and white film, using a medium format camera. They are printed by me on fiber base paper and then toned using Sepia toner.

Recently, I have used digital cameras and learned to “paint” using Photoshop. I have changed digital photos to infrared, toned them, and created color in Photoshop. Photoshop has also allowed me to cut up precious family photos and souvenirs and change them into collages. I’ve been able to do this without ruining the originals. I’ve created layers of memory and change.