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International Students


There are no restrictions on traveling within the United States during the student's stay. Students are advised to make copies of all immigration and other important documents just in case something happens to the originals during travels.

When the student leaves the United States with plans to re-enter and continue studies, the student must have the following documents to re-enter (refer here for more information):

  • SEVIS I-20 signed (endorsed) for travel by the Admissions Office. It is wise to obtain the signature each time the student travels outside the U.S.

  • Verify that the SEVIS I-20 Information is correct and accurate

  • Check U.S. entry visa stamp (stamped in passport) for validity for additional entries. If the stamp is expired or additional entries are not allowed, the student will have to get a new entry visa from the U.S. consulate while abroad. It is risky to try to obtain a visa in a third country such as Canada or Mexico.

  • Documentation of financial support

Optional - It may be a good idea to also carry:

  • Transcript of course work from current and former institutions

  • Proof of health insurance

  • Certification of enrollment