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Motto: "We work on writers, not writing."

The Academic Assistance Writing Center is a full-fledged writing center with tutors who have been specially trained to work with writers on every level.

The goal of our Writing Center is to provide NRCC students with a truly helpful writing resource. We know how hard putting thoughts on paper can be, and we're here to help with every step of the process, from brainstorming ideas to getting those ideas in grammatically-correct shape.

Writing Center tutors work with students who want weekly tutoring sessions on writing, but they also serve students who walk in without appointments but with big paper-writing problems. Our tutors help students no matter what class the writing project is for – a Math 151 term paper gets the same careful attention as a research project in English 112. Students who are doing analysis and outlining for speech and literature classes can find helpful tutors as well.

For on-line help, check out our links page, which contains great web sites to help with MLA and APA documentation formats, grammar and mechanics, and other writing-related issues.



"" What do I bring when I meet with my writing tutor?

Bring your assignment sheet – this is very important, because it lets your tutor see what you're supposed to be doing. Bring any notes you have, outside sources, and brainstorming ideas, too.

"" Can I drop off my paper and have my AA tutor proofread it for me?

Our motto – “We work on writers, not writing” – means that we don't work on texts in the absence of their authors. Our goal is to make every student a better, more confident writer, so we only work with you – not on you.

"" Can I e-mail AA with questions about grammar, citation formats, and other writing problems?

Sure. Send questions to nrhankj@nr.edu or to the AA email address. We'll get right back to you. Please don't attach whole papers, however. See the previous question.

"" Can I use the computers and printer in Academic Assistance to work on my paper?

Be our guest. We provide a quiet, peaceful place to work, and the best part is that if you get stuck, one of our tutors is always available to help you.

"" What do I do if my teacher refers me to you?

Just come to the receptionist in Martin 109 and tell him or her that you've been referred to a writing tutor. We'll do the rest! You'll be given a tutor who can work with you at your convenience to address the problems that your teacher has noted. Often you will only need to meet with your tutor for a short while to correct a specific writing issue.

"" Do you report on my work to my professor?

The Writing Center is completely non-evaluative. We don't report to anyone, nor do we assign grades or assess work. If your teacher refers you to us, or if you are going to get extra credit for using the Writing Center , then we will let your teacher know that we've seen you, but the content of the tutoring sessions is always private.


Helpful links regarding English and writing

The University of Wisconsin at Madison has a WONDERFUL site with great helps in grammar and mechanics. These “handouts” are more like online tutorials for writers of all types.

Ohio University 's English as a Second Language program has great resources both for native and non-native speakers.

Jack Lynch, at Rutgers, has a page with a myriad of interesting links, covering everything from analysis to style to grammar. You can learn to write like the Guardian here, if you want to.

Check out the great stuff on the University of Illinois site! Lots of links, handouts, suggestions, and other goodies.

No list of writing links is complete without documentation help. Avoid plagiarism and keep your sources in line with help from the MLA and APA documentation format websites.


Tutoring services are FREE to all New River Community College students.