Does it cost me anything to have tutoring?
Nope. Not a dime. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Tutoring is free to all NRCC students, and Academic Assistance has a limited outreach program that provides free tutoring to students in local public school systems.
How do I get a tutor?
Stop by Godbey Hall, Room 131, and fill out a Request for Services form. You can also download the form from this website. Return the forms to the reception desk in Godbey 131, or mail them to Academic Assistance, NRCC, 5251 College Drive, Dublin, VA 24084.
How do I know what time I'm scheduled to meet my tutor?
We will notify you by mail of your tutoring time. You may also check with the receptionist in Godbey 131.
Where do I meet my tutor?
In Godbey 131. Sometimes, particularly for computer-related classes, tutoring sessions are held in other labs on campus, but you'll always meet for the first time in Godbey Hall, room 131.
What do I bring to tutoring sessions?
Always bring your book, notes, and other materials from class. Bring your homework and any questions you might have, too. It sometimes helps if you write down the questions that you'd like to ask your tutor, particularly if something occurs to you in class, and you don't have a chance to ask your professor.
Can I request a particular tutor?
It's easy to request a specific tutor - just write the tutor's name on the Request for Services form when you fill it out.
Can I use the solutions manual for my accounting class?
Yes, you can. You will have to use it in the presence of the accounting tutor, however, because pages of the manual have a way of disappearing. The manual must remain in the Academic Assistance suite for the same reason.
Can Academic Assistance help me with non-school-related projects?
Academic Assistance is happy to help with résumé-writing, cover letters, and other tasks that aren't strictly related to course work.


Tutoring services are FREE to all New River Community College students.