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Students outside of NRCC


Each partner will receive training in a variety of topics prior to working with students at New River Community College.  Training, too, will continue throughout the partner’s tenure at New River.

Topics covered in the training include the following:

  • Differences/similarities among teachers, tutors, and mentors.
  • Characteristics of good tutor/mentor.
  • History of tutoring at New River Community College.
  • Policies and procedures associated with tutoring and mentoring.
  • The tutoring session.
  • The mentoring session.
  • Advice for tutors/mentors.
  • Special population tutoring/mentoring.
  • Tutoring/mentoring students through the Virtual Writing Center.
  • Helping to develop self-regulated students.
  • Keeping records of contacts and help.
  • Referral and self-referral systems used by faculty and students.
  • Professional resources available through the college and through websites.