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Summer classes end
Practical Nurse Pinning Ceremony, 6 p.m., 117 Edwards Hall
Grades available online for students (2nd 5-wk & 10-wk session)
Fall Semester Classes Begin

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Payment Information

Once you’ve registered, payment is the next step to insuring that your place will be held in class.

Each semester there is a deferred payment date. (Please check your current schedule of course offerings for that date.) Payment may be deferred until the specified date. If payment is not received by that day, classes will be deleted and you must re-register. After that date, you may still register but must pay the same day.

How to pay:
There are several convenient ways to pay for your classes.

1. You may pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) by using the online system.
          a. Visit
                   1. Type in your user name and password.
          b. Click on “Self Service” (you are still on a secure website at this point)
                   1. Click “Student Center”then click "Go to QuickPay."
                       You may also find this QuickPay tutorial helpful.

2. You may pay in person at NRCC’s Business Office in Dublin or at the college’s off-campus site inside the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg.  In Dublin, cash, checks and credit card payments are accepted. (Please note that only check and credit card payments are accepted at the Mall site; no cash, please.)

3. NRCC offers payment plan options. You may find out more information about payment plans on the Business Office's website.

4. If your employer or sponsor is paying your tuition, documentation on company letterhead of the intent to pay is required by the deferred payment date. If you are registering after the deferred payment date, you must present the documentation the same day.


Financial Aid Students:  If you are receiving financial aid and/or scholarships, please call the Financial Aid Office at 855-874-6689 after registering for classes to check the status of your aid and to determine if there is a balance you will need to pay.