Graduation Stories -- 2011
Jennifer RoopJennifer Roop

When the furniture company shut down where Jennifer Roop had worked for 12 years, she did what anyone would do, she searched for another job – and searched, and searched, and searched. But the tough economy didn’t give Roop a break. A frustrating six months later, she decided to take advantage of funding from the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Program and apply to New River Community College’s computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) program.

Roop explains that while she had taken drafting courses in high school and held drafting-related jobs, she had never received a college degree in the subject. “I always did drafting and really enjoyed it, but I never had the opportunity to go to college,” she says. So, turning hardship into opportunity, Roop enrolled in courses at NRCC in spring 2009.

“It’s been a life-changing experience,” says Roop. “Taking the time away from my family to go back to school was hard, but everyone was really supportive.”

She specialized in the mechanical part of CADD, which allowed her to work on a wide array of projects in her classes including computer-modeling a nuclear submarine and a handgun down to the tiniest detail. She also designed and animated a robotic arm.

It didn’t take long for Roop’s studies at NRCC to pay off. When she graduated with her associate degree in computer-aided drafting and design in May 2011, she also celebrated her one-year anniversary working full-time in the drafting department at Motion Control Systems in Fairlawn.  

Additionally, Roop was selected as one of two Outstanding Students in CADD for 2010-2011 and was named to “Who’s Who in Among Students in American Junior Colleges.”