Delegate and NRCC Alum Keynotes at Annual Scholarship Brunch

Delegate Michael B. Watson

The 2012 Scholarship Brunch was held at New River Community College on October 17. A record crowd was on hand as NRCC alum and member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Michael B. Watson, shared his story with scholars and donors.

The son of a tugboat captain and a school bus driver, Watson described his modest upbringing that sparked his desire to pursue a dream. After earning a degree in Instrumentation from NRCC in 1983, Mike took jobs that allowed him to travel and, ultimately, gave him the experience to open his own business. Of the 100 employees he has hired, 25 have been other New River Instrumentation graduates.

"If you want to see an example of what's right with Virginia, what's right in our nation, then look no further than right here at New River Community College."

Mike Watson believes in the power of education, setting goals, and pursuing the American Dream. In addition to recruiting new employees, he serves on the college's Educational Foundation Board of Directors. Mike was instrumental in establishing the Billy Friend Memorial Scholarship in honor of his former major professor. Mike visits the college often. "It's like coming home," he said.

In his closing comments, Watson challenged this year's scholarship recipients. "The people in this room --donors, faculty...everyone -- they see you as the hope for the future, and we all stand ready to help you see and stay on that path. If we could ask anything in return, it is simply that one day, when you run across someone looking for their path, if you can, shine a little light on it for them."