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Students walking around NRCC Campus


Partners for success logoIn fall, 2009, Dr. Fritz Streff wrote a “white paper” delineating some needs of students at New River Community College, particularly the needs of the developmental math students.  The paper recommended the concept for a program titled “Partners for Success,” a volunteer program designed to address the needs of students.  “Partners for Success” was co-developed with the subprogram, Volunteer Services, for New River Community College.  In spring 2010, two (2) other extant programs were added to the umbrella leadership for “Partners for Success:”  Academic Assistance, which was implemented over 20 years ago at New River, and Retention Services, which was implemented in 2005.  Overall, “Partners for Success” was developed to support the goals of the college, especially Goal #2:  student access and opportunity, and the “student success” goal for the Virginia’s Community College System’s Achieve 2015, the six year strategic plan.

In winter 2010, Dr. Jack Lewis, president, New River Community College, hired a director and assistant director of Volunteer Services, who provided the leadership during the creation and implementation of “Partners for Success.”  Dr. Lewis also directed that Room 170 in Godbey Hall be refurbished to serve as the “Connection Center” between mentors and students.

By summer 2010, two (2) volunteers and the director and assistant director had been trained as tutors and mentors, with one volunteer working regularly with a student.  Additional volunteers will be selected during summer 2010.